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The Karezza method is an erotic technique that focuses on mutual stimulation in order to prolong the pleasure without orgasm. An erotic encounter that strengthens the emotional and affective links of the couple.
The Karezza method is an erotic technique in which prevails the sensuality, which focuses on encouraging each other in order to prolong the pleasure without orgasm. In reality, more than a new form of sexual intercourse, is naming something recommended by experts on sexuality long ago: that the couple to enjoy the sexual encounter without haste, prolonging the most pleasure, and feel pressured to achieve orgasm.
The term Karezza originates from the Italian word carezza, which means touch, and reflects very well what is this sexual experience, which is based on the exchange of kisses, caresses, hugs, oral sex, massage, smiles and looks accomplices, all in order to enjoy to the fullest and to strengthen the affective and emotional links between the members of the couple.

How to practice the Karezza method

Each pair must decide what he likes or fancy at each moment, but to practice the method well Karezza, in addition to not climax, should follow these recommendations:
  • Time. This technique requires time and dedication, and the couple must be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. You can start making breathing techniques - gently inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth - to help you relieve tension.
  • Slowness. Fondling, kissing and slow, soft movements provide pleasure and facilitate control of excitation.
  • Imagination. It uses the imagination to try new things and caresses the body exploring all the erogenous zones of your partner.
  • Physical contact. Remain embracing each other, support on the chest of the other ear to hear the rhythm of your breathing and your heart beat...
  • Without words. It is not necessary to speak; smile, look you in the eye, and make sounds that demonstrate your satisfaction, is enough to communicate during the meeting.

Benefits of the Karezza method

According to the sexologists, this method benefits both men and women, because it allows them to get more enjoyment from your intimate relationships and teaches them to control the excitation and the moment of orgasm, so it can be useful to improve the sex life of couples who carry much time together or that have fallen into the routine.
But, in addition, these specialists also advise him to help in the treatment of different sexual disorders such as addiction to sex, erectile dysfunction and vaginismus. Sex addicts, for example, can improve self-control to feel and provide pleasure avoiding orgasm.
When problems getting or maintaining an erection are psychological in nature, the Karezza method on the one hand frees to the plaintiff from the feeling of 'having to comply in bed' and, on the other hand, the fact of devoting all the time desired preliminary games favours the process of male excitement and may contribute to causing erection.
In the case of vaginismus, which consists of an involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina which hinders or prevents sexual intercourse, this technique allows women who suffer it to enjoy sexual relations without fear of pain that can cause the penetration, or relationship issues arising from the unsuccessful attempts.
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