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Lack of time is no longer an excuse for not doing sport. Practice daily 'simply run' - an intense race of ten minutes - is as healthy as jogging an hour, according to a study of the Cooper Institute in Dallas.
Lack of time is the main excuse that we make to do sport and try to justify the laziness. Fortunately, you don't need to use two hours a day in the gym to lead a healthy lifestyle, and practice daily simply run - an intense race of just ten minutes- is an effective exercise to improve the quality of life and increase longevity such as running for an hour, as it was revealed in a study conducted by the Cooper Institute in Dallas (United States).
The most surprising of the study, followed for 15 years to more than 50,000 people aged 18 to 100 years of age, and that several North American universities, helped was that persons who practiced this race minimalist obtained similar results in terms of benefits for your health and your life expectancy compared to athletes who are training to run a marathon for example.

Running for all

Running You can be practiced anywhere, and the necessary sports equipment adheres to clothing and footwear comfortable and appropriate for the weather and the surface that you are running. In addition, it is appropriate to almost everyone, although call previously with a specialist if there is any - illness or injury - physical impediments that discourage this type of exercise.
A study showed that ten minutes of daily race reduced the rate of premature mortality by 30%, while deaths from coronary heart disease fell to 45%
Simply run He has an additional advantage and is that we can take advantage of any gap in our busy schedule to run those ten minutes, even without leaving home, since its benefits - both physical and psychological - are achieved also running on a treadmill, where the impact on the joints is less, and it is possible to control the intensity of the exercise.
Experts recommend that to start practicing simply run, as with any other sport, is conducted a warmup with stretching to prevent injury. The American study results showed that the ten minutes of race reduced the rate of premature mortality by 30%, while deaths from coronary heart disease fell to 45%. That Yes, the exercise to be effective, its intensity should be medium or high.
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