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The self-help literature is a genus currently much sought after by readers in search of self-knowledge, spiritual guidance, answers to the ills that afflict them. She acts as a balm that helps allay my anxiety, anguish and stress, evils so characteristic of modernity. Among critics and connoisseurs of a literary universe more refined, however, this style is seen with reservations and even with a certain discrimination.
Nevertheless, the works produced by this promising Lode are always among the most sold in the lists organised by various journals, and publishers who bet in this field certainly do not regret your choice, because Bill high on the publishing market.
Today the range of books offered by this genre is surprisingly broad, ranging from the scientific, technical, cultural sphere, until themes of psychology, human relations, religion, leisure, among others. It is very difficult for the layman to identify what is really useful, and what is nothing more than opportunism, between so many different titles.
This literature, considered by many a field outside the cultural sphere, has found plenty of space today, perhaps due to the feeling of helplessness and lack of direction that descends on the contemporary society. The fact is that many authors benefit from this context, giving the avid reader your own experience, your personal trajectory in this arid desert psychic, often proposing ways for those of us who were lucky enough to find an oasis at this crossing.
The target audience is not restricted, as you can imagine, the lower social classes and uncultivated. Today people of all age and socio-economic groups cultivate this reading, in an attempt to fill the void that often installs itself in your emotional sphere and also under spiritual. Usually they strive to acquire the same experiences and views transmitted by the cast of writers of this genre, which in turn conquered this know in the academies and, more commonly, in practice existential.
Looking for self-help becomes less painful if people identify the experiences of others the same problems and challenges faced by them, especially if these partners of the road they found answers and solutions that readers haven't been able to identify. In this way the human being feels less alone, what prevents their desperation.
Either way though, this literature can only offer a help, as already indicates its own title, because from the moment people assimilate the content of these books, it will be up to them to follow the same path or not, accept it or not the guidelines offered by the authors. The cure for the moral and spiritual ills must be found for each, based on trails that if revealed before the reader, which will have to find out what the most appropriate to their personal experience.
Among suggestions that include hypnosis, soul-searching, meditation, Chinese healing techniques, recipes for dealing with anxiety, stress, to get rid of addictions and other psychic ills, among other indications pointed to by the self-help literature, each person must choose his own path.


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