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The Spiritual Intelligence is a third complex of intellectual faculties, which enters our attitudes and experiences in a contexture unrestricted of signification and value, giving them a more consistent character. Today have a higher level of spiritual quotient-QS-makes the individual able to exercise an existence more full of meaning.
In this way the spiritual intelligence implies having the power to believe in a creator and cosmic psyche, as well as the possibility to relate to her; know that this dimension exists extends the human faith. Translated, the higher consciousness of the divine presence, the man experiences and relates to God.
The Master clarified the Humanity on this legacy, promoting the understanding of this sphere, through their own practice of Spiritual Intelligence, exemplifying the need for intimate reform to attain inner serenity and a most appropriate means for spiritual enhancement and the revelation of values and senses renewed existence.
Spiritual Intelligence factor extends the human perspective and its inventiveness, as well as stimulate the individual to follow always forward. Through this ability that man is able to transcend the challenges of the journey and solving issues of meaning and value. This quotient is closely linked to the lack of human purpose, to decipher the meaning of his life.
This design is very wide and is being further refined over the years by researchers. It encompasses issues such as the purpose of existence; the development of virtues; the bet on faith and hope as instruments to face the obstacles of the Trek; the metaphysical and spiritual sphere of the human being; understanding the meaning of genuine freedom, which unfolds on the perimeter established by ethical and moral standards; the release, in be, of negative energies and destructive; the testimony of Jesus; No values acquired by material resources, among many other issues.
It is important to realize that spiritual intelligence can be magnified as the man relates to the consciousness of the Creator. Until the beginning of the XXth century the IQ or intelligence quotient was the only element officially accepted by scientific means for measuring human intelligence. 90 years were marked, in turn, by the appearance of emotional intelligence, which revealed the inadequacy of the intellectual factor, because he could not set without the contribution of emotional field size.
The twenty-first century, in turn, awakens to the reality of Spiritual Intelligence, without which one cannot truly understand human life. Physics and American philosopher Danah Zohar and his spouse, the psychiatrist Ian Marshall, are proving the existence, in the human brain, a sector from which radiate the spiritual experiences of the Man, the "God spot".
Several business sectors begin to become interested in this new measure of intelligence, already aiming to enhance the human sphere, so that human beings may encounter in their professional tasks a greater existential meaning. Are corporate blocks, besides profit, also aim to act in the middle in promoting their products, whether in environmental issues, educational, whether in the area of health.


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