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The craft is art and the works of artisans. A craftsman, on the other hand, is the person who performs manual work, without the aid of machines or automated processes. Therefore, there is not two exactly same handicraft objects.
Examples: "when we visited the North, we bought several Crafts',"my aunt gave me a piece of native crafts to decorate my new home","the majority of the local population lives crafts.
Crafts can therefore be defined as opposed to industrial production or series. The work of artisans involves different manual techniques.
Crafts is part of the traditional culture of the people as its origins go back to the pre-industrial era. Thousands of years ago, there were already parts of crafts made from different materials.
Craft may have an aesthetic purpose (for example, a decorative table), ritual (a mask) or functional (a vase for water). Its design combines design with art.
Currently, the craft must compete with industrial products which, most of the time, try to emulate the look of handicrafts. The main advantage of industrial products is their low cost due to their mass production.
Commercialization of crafts is usually made in a direct way (from the craftsman to the buyer) or through small markets. In developing each of the pieces by hand, it is difficult to achieve the level of production necessary to arrive at stores or supermarket chains.
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