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The crucial adjective originated etymological English although his debut date back to French (ditto) and latin crucis or crux ("cross"). This adjective is synonymous with indispensable and essential.
The concept is often used to refer to a turning point or critical. In this sense, a crucial situation is that crucial, vital or conclusive. Examples: "crucial Minutes of the match: Lopez prepares to give a penalty kick which could win the title to his team ',"police, in a crucial decision, decided to take action and pulled on the kidnapper","the Director said that this contract was crucial for the company.
The crucial term has multiple uses depending on the context. A debate in the Assembly, a football player, a disc of music performance, a political speech or the development of certain infrastructure can be described as critical given that each of these issues is of vital importance in its respective field.
Of course, what is crucial is applied to a specific domain. If a football player scored three goals in a match, there is talk about the crucial performance for his team or even for the tournament, but this performance will have little interest in the reality of a country or the world. On the other hand, if a president takes the decision to attack another country, the measure will be crucial for international news and the lives of millions of people.
Crucial, finally, is something that has the shape of a cross and the commercial name of the American company Micron Technology.

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