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Diplomacy is the science that studies the relations and the interests of one nation to the other. The concept is also used to refer to the service of States in their international relations.
Examples: "my niece is a specialized in diplomacy and works as a consultant for an Embassy', 'Mr. Dupond is a very competent man, but diplomacy isn't his thing", "the Government should appeal to more competent officials to improve its diplomacy.
The concept therefore implies different ideas related to this field. Diplomacy refers to the understanding and the will for dialogue and agreement applied to international relations.
Diplomacy means all negotiations between States. Diplomacy is designed to reach an agreement and requires the good will of the parties. When diplomacy fails, international relations meet other thresholds which may include the use of the force or armed conflicts (war).
A diplomat is an officer that a State sends to another so that it is responsible for managing the relationship between the two. The Ambassador and the consul are two kinds of diplomats.
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