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Nausea is related to the reluctance, especially in food. Examples: "dinner, I ate until exhaustion. Now, I feel disgusted. I can not even hear about food! ", 'When I was pregnant, I ate to the point of nausea', ' do you feel sick? '' It is surely something you ate.
The concept also applies to disgust, discomfort and saturation. Nausea occurs when something causes discomfort, fatigue or a desolation.
Nausea also appears in the routine, monotony, external limitations (being locked up in a room without windows, for example) and in everything that contributes to the trouble.
The person suffering from nausea is the sensation that time does not pass and that nothing is able to motivate. If this feeling very often stands in the term, it may make a depression.
Be disgusted, it is be bored, or even very bored bummed. Sometimes this feeling leads the person to abuse drugs. Psychologists say that one of the reasons to arrive at such a State is precisely the disgust and the feeling that nothing is worth the trouble.
To overcome such disgust, people often use the hobby, which are activities and games that help to stay focused and to accept challenges, such as crosswords, puzzles, sudoku, and video games.
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