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Circuit, from the latin circuĭtus, is a polysemic term (which has several meanings). It can be used to appoint the closed loop ride or field which is located in a perimeter any.
Electric, on the other hand, is something belonging or relating to electricity (physical property expressed by the attraction or repulsion between the parties of the substance or form of energy based on this property).
An electrical circuit, therefore, is the interconnection of two or more components in a closed trajectory. Such components may be resistors, sources, switches, capacitors, semiconductors or cables, for example. When the circuit includes electronic components, it is an electronic circuit.
Parts of an electrical circuit, distinguishable drivers (cables combining elements to form the circuit), components (devices for flow), nodes (points of the circuit with two or more conductors in agreement) and branches (all the elements of a circuit between two consecutive nodes).
Electrical circuits can be classified according to the type of signal (direct/DC or current alternative), the type of configuration (with serial, parallel, or mixed), the type of regime (periodic current, transitional/temporary or permanent) or the type of components (electrical or electronic circuit).
The graphic representation of the circuit takes the name of electronic diagram or wiring diagram. This representation shows the parts of the circuit with pictograms uniform according to certain rules, with interconnections (unless they correspond to the physical locations).
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