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An exploit is a heroic or remarkable Act. Due to the characteristics of the fact, the exploit transcends time and remains in the memory / memory of people. Examples: "the local team has accomplished the feat and qualified for the finals of the tournament by defeating the favorite with a score of 3-1", 'Feat of American physicians who performed the first transplant in the face with success', 'the Chronicles of the time mention an unprecedented military feat.
Exploits can take place in any context. One often speaks of feat in the sport when a competitor or team manage to break the forecasts. If the selection of Haiti football beats that of the Brazil, one can speak of feat, given that it is a result which is inconsistent with the history of the two teams.
In a similar way, a triumph of the tennis player who is the 536th position of ranking on the world number 4 is also a feat because the chances of success were reduced initially. The feat is so generally associated with the unexpected.
The exploits of the science occur when researchers realize successfully a quite unprecedented process or whether they are a new discovery. Some normal today considered surgical procedures were exploits a few decades ago.
It is worth mentioning that the term exploitation includes a certain subjectivity. What is a feat for one person may be irrelevant to another.
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