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The concept of meaning has several uses: it can be one of the physiological process of reception and recognition of stimuli; understanding or the reason; the full meaning. or orientation in space. Figured, on the other hand, is an adjective that applies to the use of figures of speech.
Figurative sense is therefore the meaning that the words take when it refers to a different idea of their literal meaning. This meaning is suggested and is not meaningful because the semantic value is not in the usual meaning.
It is possible, therefore, to oppose figuratively in the literal sense. For example, if a person says to another as a "donkey", it does not mean that it is an animal with big ears but it suggests rather that she is ignorant or that she has little understanding.
Figuratively is very common in the literature, and it frequently appear in the current language. Often figuratively is related to animals: "the footballer played like a lion and has lost no ball", "The Jamaican was a gazelle and is reimposed in the 100 metre race," "the Argentine Boxer is an elephant: it is strong, but slow.
Sometimes figuratively is not necessarily a comparison, but rather an exaggeration of the real action. If the coach of a football team asks his players to 'kill' the opponent team, it does not ask them to murder, but just to eliminate the field of sporting merit.
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