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Figure is what belongs or that relates to the numbers. This term (number) is related to the expression of a quantity from his unit. Examples: "the first digits indicate the victory of the Government candidate,"I read your report and I did not at all appreciate the turnover", so the project is profitable, we pay more attention to the turnover."
The expression of a number with two or more numbers is a number. The use of the concept is usual is in the electoral process, in reference to the percentages of the votes obtained by the candidates. These percentages are essential to find out who won (IE, who was elected): 'the mayor said he was suspicious of figures published by the media and that he would wait for the official results', "the president was disappointed sales achieved by its candidate.
The figures may also refer to all kinds of statistics, such as population or demographic data, economic data, etc.: "the Government will analyze the figures collected by the census in order to decide how to allocate resources", "birth figures have surprised specialists."
Sales, on the other hand, is a sign, a letter or Arabic numbers expressing a quantity. These symbols are called Arabs because they were introduced by the Arabs in Europe, but to what it seems, they were invented in India. There are a wide variety of glyphs representing the digits, divided into families like the Eastern Arabic numerals and Western numerals.
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