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Art is a concept that comes from the latin word ars, which means human creations that express his sensitive vision of the world through the use of various resources, language, sound and plastics.
Popular, in turn, is an adjective which indicates membership or which relates to people. Among its various meanings, the term refers to regard the people and contemplate what most people.
The notion of popular art admits so different meanings. Some argue that folk art consists of forms of art (art events) created and consumed by people, as opposed to high culture or academic culture.
A clay pot created by a craftsman to collect water is an example of folk art, while painting on a canvas exhibited in a museum belongs to the elitist art. However, these boundaries are fuzzy.
Folk art, on the other hand, can be given by the artistic creations that are consumed massively and that can be replicated on an industrial scale. In this sense, a Latin music singer who sells millions of albums can be considered a popular artist.
Pop art or pop art, finally, is an artistic movement that emerged in the twentieth century with the use of the images of popular culture in the media. Pop artists like Andy Warhol used ads or comic strips to create works of art.

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