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A Knight is a person who goes horseback riding or overlapping. Because once who did the horse belonged to a certain social class, the concept has acquired different connotations and meanings over time.
In the middle ages, knighthood was a military institution that served as a King or feudal power. The Knights, therefore, were who rode horseback and warriors who carried weapons such as lances or swords. Examples: "Knights of King Édouard are close to the people', 'an enemy Knight killed the Prince', 'I will not let my daughter marry a Knight of Bath.
The Knights were often given land or money as a reward for their service. Usually, the Knight was a nobleman who began as a page and Squire, and then was promoted by his superiors to Knight. In obtaining this title, he had to take an oath of allegiance and promise to be polite, brave and courageous. The Knight was, therefore, to comply with a code of conduct.
By extension, the notion of Knight (also called gentleman) began to be used in reference to people noble, courteous and solidarity: "John is a true Knight, it always brings me flowers and chocolates and me opens the door of the car," "I like that men behave like Knights and treat women like ladies.
On the other hand, Knight of arts and letters is a title awarded by the Ministry of Culture in France, to reward people distinguished by their creation in the artistic or literary field.

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