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Latin America is a concept that refers to a certain set of member countries of the American continent. The delimitation of this set can vary because there are different criteria for the formation of the group.
In general, Latin America is the American countries whose inhabitants speak Spanish or Portuguese. In this way, the Jamaica and the Bahamas are not part of this group.
In some areas, however, the idea of Latin America is often associated American country located in the South compared to the USA. Therefore, it is appropriate to speak in particular of the Latin America and the Caribbean as a unit. Nations such as Guyana, Suriname and the Belize.
In general, Latin American countries share cultural and social characteristics because they were colonial territories of the same European nations (the Spain, the Portugal and the France). Whatever it is, in addition to the differences in language, you can also mention several political and environmental variations and many others.
We can say that the Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America, followed by the Mexico and Argentina, in that order. In terms of population, the Brazil leads the list and then appear the Mexico and the Colombia. Furthermore, Mexico City, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Lima are the most populous cities in Latin America.
For all the mentioned features, it is difficult to speak of Latin America as a unit. The culture itself shows a rich diversity because it combines elements of indigenous cultures on the basis of the territory (Inca, Mayan, etc.) with European and African influences.
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