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A laxative is a drug that facilitates intestinal transit. This kind of preparations is used to promote the elimination of feces, thereby promoting bowel movement.
Examples: "the doctor suggested I take a laxative if I will not be better in the next few hours", "I feel better: laxative made effect», «specialist suspected that the disease could be caused by the excessive use of laxatives.
Laxatives are usually provided for constipation (a condition involving the lack of regularity of the intestines, with infrequent stools). The person suffering from constipation often feels discomfort in the stomach: taking a laxative, it is intended to standardize its intestinal transit and regain a sense of well-being.
Laxatives can also be used before making a review to the rectum or bowel. Thus, the patient arrives to evacuate and cleanse the colon and the doctor can do its job without problem.
There are different types of laxatives provided orally or in the form of suppository. It is possible to classify in emollients, surfactants and osmotic laxatives.
It is noted that certain foods are natural laxatives because, due to their composition, they contribute to defecation. The plum, Apple, tomato, orange, onion, ginger, saffron, broccoli, spinach, walnuts and omega-3 oils are some of them. The most well-known natural laxative, however, is water, because it allows moisturizing intestine and regulate the intestinal flow.
It is important to note that the abuse of laxatives can cause serious problems, promote the development of intestinal paralysis, pancreatitis and hemorrhoids, among other ailments.
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