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Manufacturing, which has its origin in the word latin confectĭo, is a term which refers to the action to prepare or do certain things a blend or a combination of other things. It is possible, in this sense, to clothes, medicines, perfumes, etc.
Examples: "the creation of this dress is defective: I will complain to the store ', 'it took me several hours, but the making of the curtain is finally over", "the Dr. Staindbrush still working on the preparation of an antidote.
The most common use of the concept of manufacture is in the textile industry. Usually, the action make appears linked to the Cup because they are activities essential to the creation of clothing. Seamstresses and tailors are some specialists who are dedicated to the manufacture of clothing.
It is possible to distinguish, therefore, already made clothing (ready-to-wear) and those that are custom-made. The first are generally made in several stages in order to ensure that the customer can choose the one that suits his body.
In the custom manufacture, however, the tailor takes the exact measurements of the body of the buyer and manufactures clothes according to these settings.
In the familiar language, the idea of making is used to name many things that are assembled or manufactured from the union of the parties: "For the preparation of this report, we had to analyze dozens of research and studies on the theme".
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