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The action and the effect of segmenting took the designation of segmentation. It is the division of something into segments, fragments or portions.
A market, on the other hand, is a social institution that promotes the exchange of goods and services. The market is held by the union between sellers (offer) and buyers (the application), which establish a business relationship to carry out transactions or agreements.
The concept of market segmentation, therefore, refers to the division of the market into homogeneous groups more small whose members have certain characteristics and needs in common. These groups are not taxed arbitrarily, but following a market study to identify the different segments.
The segmentation of the market reveals the existence of homogeneous regarding their members (with individuals who belong to similar trends and responding similarly to marketing strategies), but heterogeneous among them (a group does not resemble the other).
To develop segmentation, segments must be identifiable, measurable, accessible and manageable. According to the logic, each segment should be large enough to be profitable, otherwise the employer would have no reason to target marketing strategies to the group in question or to invest in innovation to develop new products targeted to this segment.
Deep segmentation occurs when many variables providing a comprehensive knowledge of each segment are taken. This allows to make a buyer's profile and to anticipate the reaction of consumers with some precision.
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