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Intelligence is a concept related to information and clarification given on something or someone. Here, it is more accurately an activity which aims to obtain and maintain knowledge of the enemy or foreign powers.
Military, in turn, is an adjective that is said of what belongs or what is relative to the militia or war. This concept is used as opposed to what is civil and concerned members, institutions and establishments which are part of the armed forces.
Means military intelligence activities by some specific units of the armed forces in order to gather information about an enemy (or potential). These data allow to plan possible military operations.
Military intelligence is associated with espionage to gather information on weapons, equipment, bases, communications and technological capability of another country or another group. It is important, of course, to use correctly the data collected, since this information must be used properly to make sense within the military strategy.
All military intelligence activities includes the use of technological capabilities and technical resources (such as radar or satellites), but also well functions of human capacity the Organization of clandestine operations, tactics of disinformation and counterintelligence.
In some cases, the military intelligence is used to develop tasks within the State itself, said domestic intelligence. In the United States, for example, the FBI conducts research in certain members of the Government to use this information in various fields.
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