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A prison is a place where prisoners are locked up. This institution is part of the justice system and welcomes persons having been convicted of a crime.
Examples: "three criminals escaped from prison due to the negligence of the guardians', 'the employer said that he preferred to commit suicide that go to prison', 'the Boxer was released from prison four years later.
The existence of the prisons meets several requirements that have changed throughout history. In general, considering that the prisons to protect society of dangerous individuals and, at the time, to re-educate the prisoners so that they can be reintegrated into the community. The prison also has a deterrent effect to the extent that those who intend to commit an unlawful act know that they might eventually end up prisoners and thus deprived of their liberty.
On returning to jail, man loses his right to freedom because this place prevents him from doing what he wants and get out. However, other rights (such as the property and security) must be maintained even if the convicted person is imprisoned.
The concept of jail is also used to refer to anything that prevents or physically: 'the wheelchair is my prison, ' "the landslide has blocked the exit of the mine who became a prison.
Prison, finally, can be mental or emotional attachment: 'He failed to escape from the prison of his love for her in', ' my worries for the health of Jeanne is a prison which I cannot escape me one minute.
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