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Renovation (synonym of 'renewal' and 'renewal') has its origin in the word latin renovatĭo. The term is associated with the action and the effect of renovation (making something to its initial state, leave it as new, restore something that had been interrupted, replace an old thing para a new similar one, replace something).
Examples: "the renovation of the theatre includes the training of new walls and the redecoration of the workspaces', 'We must spend money to refurbish computer hardware',"the club announced that, next week, he would begin to negotiate the renewal of the contract of the Colombian player."
It is customary that the renovation concept is applied in what concerns the physical changes taking place over a thing or the replacement of something concrete. In this sense, renovate can be repainting the walls of a house or get rid of an old TV to buy a new one.
The renovation, however, may be something quite symbolic or spiritual. Talking about renovation (or renewal) policy to designate a set of modifications that can be abstract and which include the arrival of new leaders, a change in the new electoral laws and transparency measures, among others.
Urban renewal means the changes of construction, equipment and infrastructure of a society to adapt the city to new customs and social needs.
In the field of religion, the Catholic charismatic renewal is a movement that promotes the recovery of the Pentecostal experiences in the Catholic Church.
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