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Network is a term which refers to the structure with a characteristic model. This definition allows the concept to be applied in various fields such as computer science (where a network is a set of interconnected computers that Exchange information).
The adjective social, meanwhile, said of what belongs or what is related to the company (the set of individuals that interact to form a community). What is social generally implies the sense of belonging.
The concept of social network is therefore linked to the structure where a group of people maintain a link any. These relationships can be friendly, sexual, commercial or other type.
Examples: "the social network of the population worked very well for channelling the solidarity with the flood victims", "the family is the Foundation of any social network.
The concept, however, has been updated in recent years to point to a Web site type that encourages the creation of virtual communities. These sites are services that allow to develop networks based on the interests of users, share photos, videos and information in general.
The most popular social network today is Facebook, which has more than 600 million users exchanging messages and computer files. But there are d'autres social networks such as MySpace and Hi5.
You can find social networks on the web specializing in certain sectors or to capture a specific group of users. LinkedIn, for example, brings together professionals and aims to promote trade and labour mobility.
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