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Suspect said or which gives reasons for suspicion. This verb, meanwhile, refers to the fact to be wary of conjectures based on appearance or real evidence. Examples: "the cat is the main suspect of the broken vase", "police arrested three suspects of the crime of the gardener", "a suspicious odor led investigators to the home of the drug trafficker.
A suspect is usually a person who brings bases to make poor judgment on his conduct of its shares, its characteristics, etc. This term has a negative connotation: the person is suspected of being responsible for something bad, wrong. It is rare, however, to hear about someone suspected of having made an anonymous donation, for example.
The police and judicial investigators employ the concept of suspect until they can verify and prove the perpetrator of the crime. In general, the police are rarely present at the precise moment where the crime is committed. They go in search of the culprit after interviewing the suspects (arising from statements by witnesses, analyses of background / criminal record, etc.).
Sometimes, a person can be considered suspicious because his attitude does not inspire confidence. A man who wears dark glasses and a hood and through the door of the same House several times looking around can be considered suspect, even if it did nothing. According to the laws of each country, the police may have the power to stop, or at least, to interrogate the suspect if she suspects that the person in question has committed a crime.
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