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Latin lacrima, a tear is a drop secreted by the lacrimal gland. This liquid enables to clean and lubricate the eye, and to promote healthy functioning of the eye. The action of crying, moreover, is to shed tears in response to an emotional state without any irritation to ocular structures.
Examples: "as I contemplated the Sun for quite some time, my eyes filled with tears", "sank a tear on his cheek while listening to the sad news", "the specialist recommended I apply a few drops in the eyes because my tears are not enough to combat the dryness of the cornea.
The lacrimal glands are located in the outer upper part of the orbit of the eye, in an area known as lacrimal gap. A nerve is responsible for the stimulation of this gland to produce tears, which are composed of water, sodium chloride, glucose and protein.
Tear meets lubricating functions (so that the cornea dries), metabolic (distribution of oxygen), photo-absorbantes (a percentage of the Sun's ultraviolet rays absorption) among others. Tears also help to combat the bacteria due to the presence of immunoglobulin and lysozyme.
Drop-shaped objects may also receive the name of tear: "Jane has in his living room a beautiful chandelier with Crystal tears", "my husband gave me a silver pendant with tears.
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