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Trail is a term that comes from the latin semĭta. Its most common meaning is linked to the narrow lanes leading to the village and which are intended for the movement of pedestrians and small livestock.
Examples: "you need approximately four kilometres on this road and you will find the waterfall", "To achieve the land of which I spoke to you, you must go through a path that is in very bad condition, full of holes", "the Italian businessman will be sued by reason of having installed a door on the trail which is in the public domain.
The trails are, most of the times, rural footpaths (pedestrian) which, once allowed to communicate several towns or villages. Currently, the trails became the routes used by tourists to get to various attractions.
Means hiking recreational activity that develops on roads or trails that are generally approved and marked by the authorities. The goal is that people can enjoy nature and discover the local culture: 'During the coming holidays, I want to hike', 'the small village has resurfaced through hiking, which has attracted thousands of foreign tourists', ' I like the adventure tourism and make hiking.
A trail, as a synonym for "way" or "path" appears often in quotations and proverbs: "life is in the path of justice, its path does not lead to death".
Under all its forms/meanings, ultimately, a trail is something which is call, either physically or symbolically, and that leads to another place or State.
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