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Premature ejaculation is a sudden expulsion of semen, uncontrollably, and prior to the time desired by the male, who is not able to control the ejaculatory reflex. Sometimes occurs even before penetration.
It is more frequent in male sexual dysfunction, since it affects on a regular basis to nearly 30% of men, and at least 70% has had an episode of ejaculation throughout his life. It can appear at any age.
It is not a problem of gravity for men's health, and often not caused by a physical complication. However, it should be dealt with to avoid psychological problems that can alter the emotional stability of the patient or their relationship.

Classification of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be primary or secondary. In the first case, dysfunction remains since adolescence and the male has never had a relationship with a partner that has been able to control the ejaculatory reflex. Primary premature ejaculation is associated with masturbation practiced improperly, due to hurry that teenager is given for reaching the climax, in many cases by lack of privacy or for having feelings of guilt.
Secondary premature ejaculation affects men who had control for a while, but then lost it for any reason, usually related to emotional problems, stress, prolonged sexual inactivity, or a new partner that may cause them anxiety or a high degree of sexual arousal.
There are, in addition, various grades depending on the severity of the case:
• Grade 1: is the degree less serious and more easy to correct. It is associated with anxiety and a very stressed out lifestyle. It is men who previously had good control over your ejaculation.
• Grade 2: develops when fails grade 1, and premature ejaculation are chronic. You can try with the help of a professional through sex therapy.
• Grade 3: occurs when grade 2 is too prolonged in time. Ejaculation occurs before the penetration or at the beginning of the same, and men who suffer from this degree tend to be very affected psychologically.
• Grade 4: in this last degree, premature ejaculation becomes a chronic disorder that affects all aspects of the life of the patient. Pharmacological treatment is necessary.
Whatever the degree that the patient it is essential that you consult it, shamelessly, to your doctor, who will be who indicate the correct treatment.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Anxiety is an essential factor and one of the main causes of premature ejaculation. A high level of stress or nervousness, fear that the couple get pregnant or ridicule, may have as a result the man to lose control during sexual intercourse.
• Infrequent sex: men who do not have sex frequently, have a greater tendency to be early ejaculators.
• Some psychiatric illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress also can be counted estre causes of premature ejaculation.
• Infections of the urinary tract or prostate. Chronic prostatitis is cause, often of sexual dysfunctions.
• Alcoholism and chronic smoking, which can also cause erectile dysfunction.
• Drugs and drugs: cocaine, marijuana, diuretics, antihypertensives and digoxin are substances that are usually related to this problem.
• Neurological Disorders: neurosyphilis, spinal sclerosis and neuropathy.
• Hormonal disorders: defects in the thyroid and adrenal glands. These cases usually accompany is also of erectile dysfunction.

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation

• Diagnosis of premature ejaculation is usually done on the basis of the clinical manifestations. You should check that ejaculation occurs before a minimum stimulation, or that man cannot control it enough to make the penetration or maintain the desired time.
• In many couples tend to confuse a real ejaculation, with a high level of sexual arousal or excessive effort in which the woman reach orgasm during intercourse.
• To differentiate the type of sexual dysfunction the patient is essential to develop a complete medical history that will detail the problem. Obviously best to speak confidently to the doctor all the information you need.
• In any case must also be analytical to assess so hormone levels and the presence of possible infections.
• If these performances the diagnosis has not been clear, can be conducted various imaging tests (CT or ultrasound) to observe the State of prostate or major glands that can cause hormonal disorders.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

• Premature ejaculation treatment will depend on the severity of the case and that this problem affects the patient. First you start with psychological therapies, which aims to modify the sexual techniques, and that require the participation of the couple to be effective. Drug treatment will be reserved for those cases in which therapy has not obtained the desired results.
• Psychological therapy
• The most important thing is to give the patient and her sexual partner correct information about the problem, that helps the affected learn to identify feelings preceding orgasm and to be able to properly channel their sexual arousal and, therefore, to control the ejaculatory reflex. In addition, should stimulate both provide good communication, it is necessary to eliminate any tension or excitement as the couple, to avoid situations that may make the patient feel pressured.
• Antidepressant drugs
• Which inhibit the reuptake of serotonin are most effective, since they delay the ejaculatory reflex. The most commonly used are fluoxetine, paroxetine and sertraline.
• Local anesthetics to treat premature ejaculation
• There are anesthetic creams that can be applied to the penis to reduce its sensitivity (condom use also has this effect on some men). The risk of using anesthetics is that they can influence the ability of excitation and problems arising to achieve or maintain an erection, so it is best not to resort to these products which, on the other hand, represent only a temporary solution that does not solve the basic problem.

Other techniques for dealing with premature ejaculation

• You can try to solve the problem with breathing methods that help to eliminate anxiety and relaxation practices, or trying other methods such as:
• Stop and follow. When the man is about to get orgasm stimulation is interrupted for approx. 30 seconds, and then continues. This can be repeated several times during each sexual intercourse.
• Compress the penis. As in the previous case, the male should tell when he is about to ejaculate to stop sexual stimulation and then press gently (or your partner) the end of the penis (where it joins the Glans) for a few seconds. This can be done a few times until the man wants to ejaculate.
• Due to the mental component of this disorder, psychological therapy, sometimes supported by drugs (mixed therapy), usually which gives best results.

Prevention of premature ejaculation

Prevention of premature ejaculation is closely related to the psychology of the patient. It is important to remain calm during intercourse without creating any kind of expectations.
Most men believe that the thought of other things during intercourse to delay ejaculation; However, not it has been scientifically proven that this is true. On the contrary, it can be a source of frustration, not only for not getting the desired objective, but because it does not allow the male focus and enjoy sex. Mind perceives, manages and channels arousal and, therefore, to think of "something else" only manages to decrease the ability of control over the ejaculatory response.
We have previously quoted the most frequent causes that can cause sexual dysfunction in man. You must therefore avoid those risk factors such as alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
There is actually no exact method to prevent the premature ejaculation, only can give some basic tips to follow:
• Maintain sexual relationships healthy and without pressure.
• Have confidence and a good communication with your partner.
• Make rate changes during intercourse.
• Playing preliminary games before the sexual intercourse without haste.
• Not obsessed if costs the woman reach orgasm with penetration. Use other methods and extend the preliminary games to achieve a greater excitement that facilitate you to climax.
• Exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.
• The problems of stress, anxiety or depression, should be treated properly because they can be the reason of premature ejaculation.
• Avoid bad masturbatorios habits which attempts to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible.
• Attend specialist immediately if an "isolated episode" premature ejaculation is repeate
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