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Successes in a row August 12, 1986

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Alessandra Amoroso born in Galatina, near Lecce, on 12 August 1986. Until the age of twenty-two lives in Lecce. Singing since she was a child and from a young age there are several singing competitions at the local level in which it participates. At the age of seventeen participate in Auditions for the tv show "friends", by Maria De Filippi: exceeds the first steps but does not manage to be chosen to go on the air. Meanwhile, she works as a saleswoman in a shop in the Centre of Lecce (formerly also had experience as a waitress and animator).

In June 2007 he won the second edition of the pugliese "peach blossom". We try again with "friends" and finally manages to enter the school, for the eighth edition (2008/2009). It is appreciated for his talent so much as to affect a single titled "Immobile", reaching the top position in the standings FIMI. In January 2009 Alessandra Amoroso accesses the evening stage of "friends", which provides the live broadcast in the early evening. The March 25, 2009 is to be crowned the Queen, winner of "friends": the prize is 200,000 euros. During the final she was also awarded the critics Prize, a scholarship worth 50,000 euros. With the money won, Alessandra Amoroso continues his studies with master Luca Jurman, his mentor in "friends".

The March 27, 2009 second single titled "stupid": this song gets a great success and after a muted entrance, sits in the first position of the digital singles downloaded online; "Stupid" accompanies the release of the first album of Alessandra Amoroso (the same title: "stupid"), posted on April 10, 2009 for Sony BMG.

In a short time becomes gold, thanks to reservations; It was later certified double platinum for over 200,000 copies sold: the phenomenon bears witness to the goodness and quality of talent-shows but also the quality and talent of the singer.

On June 6, 2009 Alessandra was awarded two awards Wind Music Award for the multiplatinum sales of his EP, and compilation "Scialla", the latter withdrew along with the other competitors of friends.

Launched in Italian music scene, is also appreciated as a public figure: does miss his social commitment and the 3 May 8, 2009 collaborates with ADMO (Bone Marrow Donor Association) on the occasion of the awareness campaign "a donor multiply life." At the end of the year, on December 29, 2009, officially becomes the Association's testimonial.

After the success, the clamor and tv Awards, finally arrives for Alessandra the opportunity to work with the music: copes with passion a challenging summer tour ("stupid"), which involved with Radio Norba Battiti Live, TRL On Tour and Friends "tour", organized by the "Amici di Maria De Filippi". Among its live performance there is also that, on August 22, 2009, the "Notte della Taranta" in Melpignano. His presence is certainly the most important of the June 21, 2009: Alessandra Amoroso has a great opportunity to scale one of the most coveted stages from national and international music stars, that Meazza Stadium (San Siro): the context is the charity concert "Amiche per l'abruzzo", designed by Laura Pausini, for the earthquake victims of Abruzzo (tragic event occurred only a few months before) to which are invited over forty famous artists.

At the end of the tour, on 25 September, he released his first album: the title is "no clouds". The album is preceded by the release of the single "Estranei a partire da ieri". The album debuted at number one in the standings FIMI, restandovi for four consecutive weeks. The second single from the album is the title track "no clouds", which also became part of the soundtrack of the film "love 14", by Federico Moccia.

Alessandra Amoroso is at every opportunity that presents itself: after attending the October 3 as a guest in Lampedusa, the event ' O ' Scià "by Claudio Baglioni, in November is called by veteran Gianni Morandi, to join him in conducting" thank you all ", a variety of music that includes four early evenings, Rai Uno. Together with Gianni Morandi record the song "believe in love" from the album "songs from singer".

In November 2009, published his biography is an unofficial and unauthorized written by Angelo Gregoris and Alessandra Celentano.

At the beginning of 2010, tireless, kicks off the "Senza nuvole live tour" and at the same time he released the third single from the album "I've come to look for you."

During the third and fourth evening of Festival di Sanremo 2010, Alessandra Amoroso huddle on stage at the teatro Ariston in the guise of duettante host: plays the song "for all times ..." with Valerio Scanu, who is then winner of the festival.

On April 2, 2010 is extracted the fourth single from the album, "Arrivi tu". New summer engagement with "un'estate senza nuvole live tour": the album was certified triple platinum for over 180,000 copies.

At the end of September 2010 released her second album entitled "Il mondo in un secondo", preceded by the track "La mia storia con te". The album became Platinum. Two months away from the release of the album, released a new single called "Urlo e non mi senti".

New album and new tour: Milan date of December 20, 2010 is recorded and broadcast on the evening of Italy One Christmas day.

In September 2013 new album "pure love" anticipated from the single that gets great results.

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