Biography of Maurizio Costanzo

Mustache transmissions August 28, 1938

Who is Maurizio Costanzo?

Tv power par excellence. About Maurizio Costanzo and think of a Lord who is the epitome of all that is less telegenic can, but also to the one who has managed to become somewhat the architrave of the media system. Grew up with journalism in the blood, the son of an employee at the Ministry of transport and a housewife, born on August 28, 1938 in Pescara (and not in Rome, as many believe) after several years of commitment a fondo perduto, only eighteen years set foot for the first time in the newspaper Paese Sera. A year later he was editor at Corriere Mercantile and starting from 1960, literally burning stages, is responsible for the preparation of weekly Grazia.

In 1962 switched from traditional paper universe made of newspapers and magazines, that consists of the new media, i.e. radio and television. Here features as author a quality that many have come to appreciate even later: eclecticism (Maurizio Costanzo is also the author of the famous song sung by Mina "Se telefonando").

In 1963 the bride Lori Sammartini, fourteen years older than him, but with Costanzo, you know, the word marriage makes sense. Ten years after is already the second wedding with journalist Flaminia Morandi (which he leaves her husband Alberto Michelini) and Camilla is born in the same year, screenwriter for the Rai, followed in 1975 by Saverio, sociologist and documentary filmmaker. This period coincides with the real birth of the celestial body. The great success came in 1976 with "Goodness", considered the first talk-show on Italian television. Follow "Aquarius", "Fascination", "Congo Palace" and "Buona Domenica".

In 1978 switch back to print media, his cue ball ever, and accept the direction de La Domenica del Corriere. But Chang, male how other projects ever, want a creature of its own, wants to be held during the flagship name of a Founder to see. No time to enjoy the privileges of the Chair to Sunday, that a year later he founded and directed the eye. But it seems that infallible Communicator when there is a red light on camera, has less wrist with the more tortuous world of print media: the newspaper does not meet much luck and soon fails.

Better video then, and so here he is ready to run in 1980 the first private newscast, "contact", the TV network. But a tile-and-heavy ones are to fall on his head. In May 1981 is the Masonic lodge P2, headed by Licio Gelli: the journalist is among the subscribers list. Scandal and ignominy follow as normal, but the Chronicles of the time see a Maurizio Costanzo defensively that proclaims itself unrelated to the matter. Later will be inserted in the list of Office and to have accepted, surely a bit naive, only to safeguard his future career.

Cashed the clever journalist shot goes on his way. In the mid 80 's he founded the production company "Fortuna", the Audiovisual piece of her "power system". In 1986 is the candidate of the radical party. Odd choice, given that it is historically party with less power of history. But Chang is a man full of surprises and a guy who knows how to think and act dispassionately, contrary to rumors. His misadventures, there is also a disturbing episode: May 14, 1993 in Rome a car bomb explodes at the passing of Maurizio Costanzo, machine and television had dared to wish cancer boss responsible for the murders of judges Falcone and Borsellino.

In 1987 he started the daily evening appointment with the lucky program Maurizio Costanzo Show (aired since 1982). The trusty co-author Sajor is also good thinking to create an Italian situation comedy, which is also the first turn in the national territory. It is "Orazio", which also featured Simona Izzo, third companion of Davey Maurizio Costanzo. That year the two separate and so Costanzo has the go-ahead to marry (three!) the beautiful presenter Faulconbridge; She is sweet, apparently he's gruff, seem to offset each other, however the marriage lasts only three years.

With its "Maurizio Costanzo Show", with thirty years of staying at the Teatro Parioli of Rome (of which he is also art director), has broken every record for longevity of a TV program. You don't count then the charges or the appointments of which he owns. Since 1999 he is Chairman of Mediatrade, Mediaset Group company that deals with television drama, while the last born among its activities is the company incorporated with Alessandro Benetton, "Maurizio Costanzo communication". On the Internet, aims to help companies manage their image communication.

To study the latest evolution of Costanzo one must go back to 1989 when knows Maria De Filippi (encountered in a communication consulting company and married in 1995), author of a slow but relentless sort of television power to the detriment of the wife. Which, at present, in addition to routine engagement with his talk-show since 1996, is back to lead "Buona Domenica", of which he is the author.

Versatile author, Maurizio Costanzo has also written for the Theatre: "The husband," foster "with absolute gratitude", "impossible love", "covered in" Old "returnable", "my husband" (the latter written with Marcello Mastroianni and Anna Mazzamauro and brought to success by Gino Bramieri). He is currently Professor of "theories and techniques of tv language at the Faculty of communication sciences in Rome (La Sapienza) and collaborated with various newspapers.

In the fall of 2009 leads the latest edition of the Maurizio Costanzo Show, which repeats twice a week movies taken from previous editions. At the same time announced his return in Rai, after almost thirty years, where he worked the author.