Biography of William Burroughs

Everything is permitted Aquarius February 5, 1914
August 4, 1997

William Seward Burroughs, "homosexual junkie good family black sheep", the experimenter of any drug that exists on the face of the Earth, the spiritual father of the beat generation, born February 5, 1914 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Scion of a wealthy family known worldwide for producing calculators, graduated from Harvard, a very singular and "conformistica" for one of the most transgressive artists of the twentieth century. With homosexual urges literary animal, a strong attraction towards guns and crime, combined with a natural inclination to break all the rules, not just seemed laid out Burroughs to conform to a society that he considered too "normal". His parents, however, seemed to accept the extravagant lifestyle of the son, and after graduation in fact, continued to support it financially, albeit reluctantly, in the continuous and unceasing experimentation of various hallucinated and lifestyles.

Any literary work of Burroughs is based on his experience of intoxication triple homosexuality and exile. Sexuality in General is the starting point of his explorations, from sexual liberation theories Willelm Reich, an important point which will nourish the literary mythologies. Before becoming a writer, and after losing family support, Burroughs does not miss the classic route from writer cursed: working as a bartender, construction worker, private detective, reporter and advertising

New York City (where, among other things, he can also join the underwater world of crime).

In 1943 Allen Ginsberg knows (the famous poet, a symbol par excellence of the beat generation), then a student of Columbia College, and his talk so broadly classified him as a scholar "intellectual Aristocrat" while Kerouac, the other icon of flower children, understood the genius who lurked in Burroughs.

The writer became grass to Kerouac and Ginsberg elder and Sage, connoisseur of drugs and different aspects of criminal life, in addition to great intellectual and visionary social critic. At some point he married even with Joan Vollmer (despite his homosexual proclivities and the long flirtation with Ginsberg himself), and the two sailed to places more welcoming of New York for life from drug addicts, ending up in Mexico City where he wrote "Junky", his first novel. Unfortunately, that's a tragic period, marked by excesses of all kinds. One episode he does understand very well. Trying to show some friends his skill with the gun, with unfortunate results mimics the firm of William Tell, killing his wife. Their son goes to live with his parents, while the writer begins to travel the world, wandering from South America up to Tangier.

Kerouac and Ginsberg I go to find in Moroccan city and find among thousands of sheets written, entirely incoherent: gathered together those fragments, takes shape "naked lunch", published in ' 58.

In fact, Burroughs did nothing but invent the famous "cut-up" technique that represents a kind of random editing between the texts, whose origin may be the most varied. The book presents a plot broken up, turned upside down by engraved, asides and flashbacks. In its intent, this way of working was supposed to protect him from clichés, including the literature of sovrabbondava era (according to Burroughs), and the excessive rationalism. The same idea, but it worked much less, Burroughs moved into painting: shooting cans of paint against canvases immaculate. "Naked lunch", however, transformed into a Burroughs actually celebrities, giving life to the worship that is well fed even today all over the world, especially among cultures and underground rock.

Moreover, to understand the level of deviance presenting books by Burroughs, suffice it to say that David Cronenberg has taken from naked lunch a controversial film of the same name.

His main novel processes followed for obscenity that, fortunately, ended well for the writer. He spent a period living in Paris with the writer-poet Brian Gysin; Here Burroughs continued the exploration of method of composition of the "cut-up". The results are "The Soft Machine", "The Ticket That Exploded" and "Nova Express". His most recent book is "My Education: A Book of dreams, published in 1994.

William Burroughs, to the detriment of crazy life and troubled that saw him star, made a fine of the most normal imaginable. August 4, 1997 died in Memorial Hospital in Lawrence, Kansas, of a heart attack at the age of 83 years.

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