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and the effect of accept. This verb, in turn, means approve, accept, validate or receive something willingly and without opposing it.
The word acceptance can be used as a synonym for acceptance, although nowadays, the use of this term is limited to the different meanings that may have a word according to the context in which it appears.
Under law, the acceptance is the Act by which we assume a payment order contained in a cheque or a bill of Exchange. On the other hand, acceptance of succession is consent with respect to an offer (a legacy, for example) through which the person accepts and assumes the rights, property and respective loads.
Despite these definitions, the idea of acceptance has a strong link with psychology and personal assistance (self-help). In this sense, the concept made allusion to what a person learns to live with his mistakes, that is, accepts his past. Thus, it can look to the future from a new perspective and benefit from the opportunities offered to him by life.
Acceptance may also apply to other people, with a similar meaning: accept their mistakes and their mistakes, while emphasizing the good over everything that can make them evil.
Acceptance may allude to the physical approval, including when a subject must learn to accept her body as it is and to avoid feeling depressed over this.
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