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The word accident originates from the term latin accĭdens. The Larousse dictionary online, the concept means the quality or State which appears on something, without part of its essence or nature; the possible event that modifies the regular order of things; and if any event or action that may, unintentionally, have adverse effects to people or things.
An accident is also a disorder during an illness that occurs suddenly and deprived of meaning, movement or even both. Moreover, geographical accident (also known as field) is an irregularity/discontinuity of the land (or relief) with a rise of ground or sudden depressions (deposit, etc.) in a uniform landscape.
A stroke is a neurological accident caused by cerebral vascular injury.
Whatever the nature of the accident, is the most usual concept that encompasses a fortuitous event caused by a violent and sudden action caused by an involuntary external agent that can cause bodily harm to the person.
Accidents which the mortality rate is most important are those relating to the transport of persons or goods, in particular road transport, which is the one that causes the greatest number of victims. 
Among different types of accidents, it is worth mentioning the work accidents (which occur in the workplace), domestic accidents (at home, such as poisoning and Burns) and accidents on the road.
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