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Chief is a term of French origin. The concept is used in colloquial as a synonym for boss. In addition to this sense, it refers to anyone whose profession or the job consists of cooking. Examples: «my son wants to study to become a leader and work in a fine cuisine restaurant», «I invite you to dinner at a new restaurant that has a french leader», "all the dishes were horrible: I'm going to complain to the head.
It is possible to establish a hierarchy in the kitchens, with positions that have different responsibilities and obligations. Thus, there is mention the Cook, the Cook, Deputy Chief assistant (it was he who assists the chef de cuisine) and chef de cuisine which is the principal conductor.
The career has changed over time. Previously, the Cook was not formal studies and his jurisdiction depended on the knowledge acquired by the practice or family tradition. Currently, there are several careers related to gastronomy, which puts this discipline as a science or an art.
It is important to note that the head is not necessarily the direct head of dishes in a kitchen. Chief creates revenue, chooses ingredients and directs those who are responsible for the preparation of each dish. If a client requests a plate of gnocchi in a restaurant, is not the Chief who assemble each gnocchi, which will boil water, etc., but one of his assistants.

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