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Training refers to the action and the effect of dresser. This word, in its turn, includes such uses that put right standing, carefully determine, raise, have properly, gain someone a discipline/aptitude, make obedient. In short, all the senses have the particularity of righteousness in common.
This concept has a strong link with the discipline and obedience, especially as regards animal: tame and tame an animal. Horseback riding, dressage is an Olympic discipline. Through training, jumper teaches the horse the fulfilment of each of its levels of a harmonious, graceful and balanced way.
The dog training, practiced by millions of people all over the world even if it is not in a systematic way, is the process by which the person (the master, for example) manages what the dog to acquire certain skills and become adroit. This training is useful insofar as the animal becomes more obedient and docile daily, as it allows to prepare adequately to participate in sporting events or competitions.
Regarding the human being, training may be necessary in the case of children, adolescents or adults trend rebellious and unruly. It is a process that involves coercion, the severity, and the imposition. It is common, for example, to establish a student unmanned by punishing it with additional duties or by ordering it to go to the corner. In the army, training is also common among soldiers.
Do not confuse dressage and training. The first is the correct learning skills, while the other concerned the mechanical repetition of an action.
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