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The term failure is associated with the word fail, which has to do with frustration (when it is not possible to achieve or get what you wanted) and with the opposite result in a case.
Therefore, a failure is a failure, something that we rate, a defeat, the negative result of a business, the lack of success or even a fiasco, according to the Treasury of the French language computerized. Furthermore, the concept allows to allude to the fall, ruin or the bankruptcy of something (a company, for example), or something that plummets (a project or a dream, for example).
In today's society, the permanent incitement of competition is that failure is regarded as a stigma. "Winners" are praised and idolized while "losers" are not seen and forced to pay have failed.
For psychologists, family, school and the media should teach people to assume their defeats and digest any failure without dramatizing. Otherwise, fail may call into question the capacity of reaction and disrupt the personal well-being.
The social refusal faced with failure makes trigger some sort of defensive mechanism in people following which they do not admit their errors nor their personal limitations. Is to make mistakes and not to hold responsible for human disabilities.
It is worth mentioning that the experts consider that failure is an unavoidable and sacred approach to be able to move forward in life insofar as errors and failure can learn.
Because the feeling of failure tends to occur to unreachable goals, psychologists recommend to establish consistent and realistic challenges to avoid frustration and do not have to experience too stressful face constraints and the difficulties.
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