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Frivolous is what is substantial or light. This adjective, which comes from the latin frivŏlus, characterization of certain (e) s shows, publications, texts and songs where the only thing that matters is the sensuality and the form instead of the content. Frivolous are also people who adopt behaviour ' lightly' and superficial.
The frivolity is often associated with stupidity or a kind of unconsciousness. The person who is frivolous does not assume reality as it is and does not engage nor. It is limited to what is commonplace. However, the frivolity is an inherent part and, for many people, it is necessary to human conduct.
There are even supporting that everyone needs to devote time and space to the frivolity and non commitment. In these cases, the frivolity is rather associated with entertainment and more fun, and represents a moment of relaxation to somewhat forget the daily problems. Obviously, the excess of frivolity resulted inattention of reality and represents a problem, whether at a personal level (indifference to what surrounds us) or social (lack of solidarity issues and concerns of others).
The frivolity is also perceived as a cultural form. Products and luxury services, for example, typically have an additional value insofar as the person who acquires them wishes to show off in a frivolous attitude. It is not enough to have a beautiful gold watch. The buyer wishes to show it and that everyone is aware of its acquisition.
The frivolity is indeed a way of life, encouraged by commercial interests and sometimes political (it is preferable that the company remains superficial rather than commit themselves to significant changes).
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