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A development plan is a management tool that aims to promote social development on a given territory. To do this, he lays the Foundation to meet the unmet needs of the population and to improve the quality of life of all citizens.
Let us not forget that the concept of development has to do with everything that can augment, enhance or add something, be it physical or intellectual. When the term is applied to a human community, it then relates the progress economic, cultural, social or political.
For what it is the concept of the plan, there is a systematic pattern that is designed before implementing any sort of action, so that it is able to meet its objectives. A plan is also used to guide/guide.
All this allows us to understand that a national development plan is the instrument which sets out the steps to follow to help a country to grow socially. It is indeed a project designed by State authorities, and which is intended to delineate its policies and strategies.
In general, the national development plan has a term of more than one year, allowing the Government concerned to have sufficient time to implement the measures it considers necessary for social development.
A development plan aims to provide solutions that can be maintained in the long term and that are sustainable, the population in order get to keep because of its own without the need of social assistance. The reason for which the national development plans seek to encourage the self-sufficiency of people.
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