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A magazine is a publication that is published periodically (usually weekly or monthly, i.e., every week or every month). The image of the newspapers, journals are part of graphics means that may nevertheless have their digital version or exist only on the Internet.
Journals (synonym of "magazines") originated in the year 1663, during the first editions of "Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen" in Germany. Subsequently, the France, the Italy and England have also started to edit several types of journals.
Like newspapers, journals get revenue through the sale of copies (meaning that the reader pays whenever he buys a publication), subscriptions and advertising.
Nowadays, there are journals on a variety of themes and which are addressed to all kind of public. We will retain, to name but a few, magazines for children, the women, the men, those of general interest, the cultural, those sports, political analysis, the financial and the humorous.
Furthermore, the magazine is a theatrical genre combining music, dance and comedy scenes. This kind of show tends to concentrate on satire (political or topical reviews) and is characterized by the presence of women wearing little clothing or even barely dressed. The female artists of the magazine are considered stars.
And then, finally, it is worth mentioning that expression to review means inspect or examine thoroughly the elements of a whole, one by one: "We will review all the circumstances to find out what is the cause of the resignation of the Minister", "he will have to move everything reviewed to detect the big mistake that makes us lose thousands of dollars."
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