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The word conscience comes from the latin conscientĭa, which means "knowledge/have knowledge. It's the psychic Act which allows a person to perceive the world, i.e., to go account by itself of its position. Consciousness is the reflexive knowledge of things.
According to psychology, consciousness is the cognitive State through which an individual can interact with external stimuli that form the reality, and from this interaction, interpret them.
The social conscience, on the other hand, can be defined as the knowledge that a person has on the State of the other members of his community. The individual with a social conscience is precisely aware of how the environment can be favourable or detrimental to the development of the people.
Social conscience assumes that the man understands the needs of others las and wishes to cooperate through several social mechanisms. Social action which is designed to help may occur through donations, intake in food and clothing, voluntary activities, or any other type of assistance.
For Marxism, the social consciousness or class consciousness is the ability of a person to be recognize as a member of a social class which has conflicting relations with other classes. This concept is based the concept of class struggle and the design of a stratified society.
Marxists argue that social consciousness manifests itself with political ideology, religion, art, philosophy, science and even the legal structure of a company. Following this current, the individual who is unable to understand this is so insane.
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