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From latin universĭtas, the University is an institution of higher education formed by several faculties and issued several academic diplomas/degrees. These institutions may include, in addition to the faculties, number of departments, orders, research centers and other entities.
The concept can designate both the institution and the building or set of buildings dedicated to the chairs. For example: «After high school, I want to go to University to study medicine», «the public University is the most prestigious of the country», "I could not go to University because of the transport strike.
The characteristics of universities depend on each country and the historical period in question. According to historians, the oldest university is the school that was created in China during the period Yu (2257 BC BC - 2208 BC). More similar to the current universities, we will mention the schools of Edessa and Nisibis-Persian, developed between the 4th century and the end of the 5th century.
The concept of the modern University is associated to the thought of empirical and scientific discoveries following the industrial revolution which began in the 18th century.
The development of the Internet leads us to think an evolution of universities, where face-to-face education in physical course can be complement or even be replaced by courses remotely. Using video conferencing, chat, e-mail and other technological applications, the University is able to scan. This would reduce the physical limitations (such as geographic distance) regarding access to university education.
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