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The term marriage comes from latin maritare. It is the union of a man and a woman that takes place through certain rituals or legal proceedings. In recent years, more and more States accept the legalization of marriage between persons of the same sex, this after what the conjugal union ceases to be heritage and exclusivity of heterosexuality.
The marriage bond is recognized socially, both from the legal point of view as regards the customs. By marrying, the spouses acquire several rights and obligations. Marriage as legitimate filiation of children procreated by the respective members.
It is possible to distinguish, at least in the Western world, two major types of marriage: civil marriage (performed in the presence of a competent authority) and religious marriage (which legalized the union in the eyes of God).
For the Catholic Church, marriage is a sacrament and an institution whose essence lies in the divine creation of man and woman. Catholic marriage is perpetual: it cannot be defeated following religious precepts (unlike civil marriage where divorce). Therefore, a separate person cannot remarry in the Elise.
On the other hand, in the figurative sense, marriage is the assortment of things (colors, for example) that go well with each other in a harmonious whole. In the literary language, married, is have qualities in common and involve them in something: "marriage of goodness and courage.
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