Biography of Antonio Albanese

Brilliantly October 10, 1964

Who is Anthony Albanese?

Antonio Albanese, known thanks to the hilarious Gallery of characters of "Mai dire gol" in the years ' 90 it is later revealed in later years one of the most interesting Italian comedian. And not only comical, because her career began as a dramatic actor and his skills in this field are not to be overlooked.

Born in warnford on October 10, 1964 to a family of Sicilian origin, Aalam he enrolled in the Civic drama school in Milan, where he graduated in 1991.

He made his debut as actor Milan teatro cabaret Zelig, participates in the "Maurizio Costanzo Show", the variety conducted by Paolo Rossi "On your head!" (1992), the program "Mai dire gol" (1993): in the latter, develop a series of characters (the kindly Epifanio, the aggressive Davidovski, the commentator-dancer Frengo, the home gardener Berlusconi Panwar) became famous, whose monologues are then presented in the book "Patapim and Pal" (1994).

His characters are actually much deeper than what may appear and represent; are somehow aspects of social alienation, full of tics, hyperactive and melancholy. Specks staged by Albanian often perform in long soliloquies without rhyme or reason.

One of the most beloved characters was created by Antonio Albanese for the transmission of Gialappa's Band. The commentator FAZ wild tipped Frengo-e-stop is a character with a unique footballing philosophy learned by the great maestro Zdenek Zeman (then coach of Foggia Wonderland). The naïve Frengo live matches for team pride so surreal, imagining endless dialogues between opponents and organizing Karaoke, wheel of fortune and tours with packed lunches in the intervals between the first and second time. Despite this vision of the cynical world of football, disenchanted numerous defeats of Foggia (culminating with relegation between the cadets) temperature had untold sufferings to the commentator FAZ who more than once appears in the transmission with the carryover disheveled, gaze blankly and a huge wooden cross on her shoulders. Frengo is not included in the theatrical performances of Alabanese, but is proposed by arista Finally, in "Encore", very popular and very welcome.

In the theater, gets hit with "man!" (1992, then resumed in 1994), then "down to the North" (1997), written with Michele Serra and Enzo Santin.

After three successful years Albanian television gives up the small screen (for lack of stimulation, as he himself will admit later), to devote himself to the theatre and embark on a new career, the movie theater.

Her film debut as a performer in "Vesna va veloce (1996) as subdued and melancholy of the Mason Antonio; then in "you laugh" (1998) by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, where the role of a baritone forced to not sing more for heart problems.

His debut behind the camera is with "freshwater Man" (1997), written with Vincenzo Cerami: Antonio Albanese stages the story surreal slim and a schoolmaster who, having lost his memory for a head shot, back to his family after a five-year absence.

Then run "hunger and thirst" (1999), still conceived in collaboration with Cerami.

In 2000 interprets "Holy tongue" by Carlo Mazzacurati.

In 2002, Antonio Albanese returns with "our marriage is in crisis", a bittersweet movie, in which the actor embarks on a journey to new agers grotesque exaggerations sedan. The film, written with Vincenzo Cerami and Michele Serra, is the story of Anthony, that on the very day that marries is left by his wife Alice (Aisha Cerami), who tells him to go in search of the "self" in a spiritual health center, led by pseudo master Makerbek (Shel Shapiro).

In 2003 she plays Philip (next to Fabio de Luigi) in "it is already yesterday," remake of the American film "Groundhog Day" (with Bill Murray) directed by Giulio Manfredonia. In 2005 she plays Mirel Radoi in the film "La seconda notte di nozze".

Jackie, collegiate, wistful, boasting unique facial expression, Antonio Albanese is a fictional character in the Italian comic theatre and film brilliant.

In 2003 back on tv on BBC three with a strip of satire entitled "no problem". But the great return of the comedian is consecrated, after ten years of absence from studios Mediaset, when back in 2005 to work with old friends of Gialappa's band for the new edition of "Mai Dire Lunedì", with all new characters and a lot of fun.

The comic often results in book form the most important monologues of his performances. Among his most prominent works include: "Patapin and PAL" (1994), "down to the North" (1995), "diary of an anarchist FAZ" (1996).

With other comics he wrote "listen to an idiot" (2002), a collection of the best jokes made at teatro Zelig, "Chiù pilu pallav everybody," whose main character is the Calabrian politician Cetto La Qualunque.

With This Concept it is permanent fixture on Saturday of "Che tempo che fa", RaiTre program conducted by Fabio Fazio.

In 2009 is a Director in the opera "Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali", by Gaetano Donizetti, which premiered at La Scala in Milan. That same year she starred with Kim Rossi Stuart in "matter of the heart," by Francesca Archibugi.

At the beginning of 2011 back on the big screen with the movie "whatever", directed by Giulio Manfredonia, starring Antonio Albanese as Cetto La Qualunque.