Biography of Sacha Baron Cohen

Scheduled irreverence October 13, 1971

Who is Sacha Baron Cohen?

British actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen became famous worldwide for the character of Borat, appeared in "Da Ali G Show" that he designed. Born in London to a family of Orthodox Jews on October 13, 1971, Sacha (whose full name is Sacha Noam) is the youngest of three brothers: her mom, Daniella Weiser, is Israeli, and his father, Gerald Baron Cohen, is a Welsh son of Lithuanian Jews. The first part of his surname, Baron, not a title, but the simple inglesizzazione to Baruch, his original surname.

Cousin of screenwriter, producer and Director Ash Baron Cohen became famous thanks to tv channel Channel 4: here, since 2000, is broadcast on "Da Ali G Show," starring the fictional character Ali G, who shortly after was also featured in the video-clip of "Music" Madonna hits; in 2002, then, you gain even a movie starring: "Ali G Indahouse".

Ali G makes me laugh and is loved by the public for his interviews with celebrities and politicians. The comic effect comes mainly from the fact that his interlocutors do not know who they're dealing with, and what its real intentions. Baron Cohen comes to interviews--as Ali G-holding equipment, along with an accomplice, who is dressed in an elegant and is characterized by polite ways. In this way, the persons to be interviewed think that conducting the interview will be the accomplice, and that Ali G is just a technician. When Ali G asks the questions, then, the comic effect is guaranteed, also because the character usually lets go to stupid comments, making it extremely foolish.

The real name of Ali G (born Alistair Leslie Graham) would be. The character is tested for the first time in 1998, and made his debut on tv during the program "The 11:00 show": given the rapid and enormous success, in 2000 he gets "Da Ali G Show," halfway between a variety and a sitcom. The characters that Baron Cohen as Ali G interview are many: from footballer David Beckham to Mit Professor Noam Chomsky, the linguist and magician Paul Daniels to the Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, from Futurist Joseph Coates to the singer Jarvis Cocker; and yet, the owner of Harrods, Mohamed Al-Fayed, Tony Benn, former British Minister, John Sennett, President of the Association of FBI agents, James Baker, former Secretary of State, the journalist Andy Rooney, the porn star Jenna Jameson, Arizona Senator John McCain, the activist Ralph Nader, politician Newt Gingrich, the poet James Lipton, the Pope's Adviser Edmund d. Pellegrino, the tv presenter Gail Porter , Thomas j. Pickard, former FBI Director, entrepreneur Donald Trump, the writer Gore Vidal, the politician Sammy Wilson, the designer Tomasz Starzewski and basketball players Vince Carter, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Dwyane Wade, Tim Duncan, Ben Wallace, Steve Kerr, Robert Horry and Reggie Miller.

The second character of Sacha Baron Cohen's success is a Kazakh television journalist Borat: a childish man, sexist and anti-Semitic. The character, created inside the "Da Ali G Show," becomes the star of "Borat: cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan" (original title: "Borat: cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan"), Comic movie harbingers of controversy.

Borat was born in Kazakhstan in 1972, a result of a rape, and the brother of Natalya, the fourth best Hooker of his country, and two, boy with mental problems. The hobby of Borat are the discodance, ping pong, shoot the dogs, sunbathing and photographing women in the bathroom. Racist towards Christians, Uzbeks, Jews and Gypsies, is homophobic and suffering from syphilis. In the first appearances of "Da Ali G Show" his last name was Karabzhanov, later changed to Dutbayev and finally became permanently Sagdiyev.

The character of Baron Cohen also appears in the "Friday night with Jonathan Ross" aired on BBC One, and then, to promote the film, "The Howard Stern show", the "Saturday night live" and "Late show with David Letterman." The film Borat is a faux documentary shot at low cost: distributed by 20th Century Fox and directed by Larry Charles, is awarded on the occasion of the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006. The film, which follows Borat in his trip to the United States and his falling in love against Pamela Anderson, cashing in 26 million dollars in the United States.

The character, however, feeds many controversies, especially relating to anti-Semitism and negative representation provided of Kazakh people. An American Jewish lobbying Association for the defence of the town engaged, the anti-defamation league expressed an official protest against HBO, guilty of having hosted Borat. Baron Cohen, however, defends itself by emphasizing how the racist nature of Borat is nothing more than a demonstration that the basis of racism there's conformism.

In 2009 the cinema comes the third major character Baron Cohen Bruno, homosexual Austrian journalist. This character had already appeared in 1998 on The Paramount Comedy Channel, in some short sketches, and subsequently in "Da Ali G Show" within the dedicated "Funkyzeit mit Bruno". Universal Studios, given the success of Borat, decides to buy the rights to make the film "Bruno": the film cost $ 25 million, it is less effective than the previous ones.

In addition to "Ali G Indahouse", "Borat" and "Bruno," Sacha Baron Cohen also appears in the films "Ricky Bobby-the story of a man who could count to one," "Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street", "Hugo Cabret" (2011, by Martin Scorsese) and "the great dictator" (2012). In addition, the British actor tries his hand as a voice actor in "Madagascar," "Madagascar 2" and "Madagascar 3", lending his voice to Julian King.

In Italy is voiced primarily by black ice ("Ali G Indahouse", "Hugo Cabret", "Borat," "Bruno" and "the dictator"), but also by Oreste Baldini and Roberto Chevalier. By his marriage with actress Isla Fisher and Olive were born in 2010 in 2007, Elula.