What is the Meaning & Definition of agenda

The term's agenda is used to refer generally to the combination or series of topical issues that will be addressed in a speech, at a Conference, a meeting, among others, or to the subjects which is divided into a subject that is taught in a college career.
We must emphasize that the agenda is a concept that is closely related to another, l's theme, which just goes hand in hand. A theme in our language is that matter, or matter about which deals with something.
Meanwhile, one of the basic functions that we can attribute to a syllabus is the serve as guide for those who participate in a meeting. At a Conference, for example, it is useful to review the agenda for and know in advance the topics that will be addressed, when and by whom. This information will be very useful if there are issues that overlap at the same time it may be decided by those who are more interested in.
But not only for viewers and attendees at such events is important knowledge of the agenda also will be on the hand of those who have a responsibility to speak on them already that will help them in establishing their holdings based on the agenda to try to and that it was previously defined.
Put it in clearer terms through a concrete example. A foundation that fights and raises awareness about breast cancer organizes a meeting to tackle this health problem so common among women, meanwhile, from the people convened at the same, the organizers will define the agenda which includes: situation of the disease in the country in question, genetics of this type of condition, main ways to prevent it, presentation of clinical cases , among other topics.
As we see then, the agenda is an element of tremendous help and organization at the behest of the development of an informational or cultural event and involving various authorities in the matter and that further issues are involved.
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