What is the Meaning & Definition of Cap

The word is a noun of simple application that is used in common parlance to refer to that element that serves to cover something. The top can be that it covers the open surface of things as varied as, for example, a pan, a box, a Cup. The word is also used to refer to more abstract elements that can serve as a cover not so much in terms of cover, but in terms of going forward, for example when we talk about cover of a newspaper that would be top and more visible.
When we speak of some container lid or element that cannot be opened, we are referring to the surface whose main objective is just to cover the open area where externalities can generate alteration of what is stored inside. Thus, for example when a container always contains food is recommended to keep it with lid (either to be stored in the refrigerator or dry) to prevent damage to the outside environment to food or foreign objects can be inserted in it, e.g. insects, dust, etc.
In other cases, the lid can serve simply as a matter of order and storage. Sometimes boxes or containers do not contain elements that can be damaged but the top can help keep everything closed, even to be able to stack several containers or boxes one above the other to gain more space.
When we talk about cover of a book, a newspaper or a magazine, we are using the term in a more abstract sense. While what works as a cover is effectively covering to what follows in later sheets, the idea of these caps is not more than serve as a front or end of all the compendium of texts found in the interior. In the case of the book covers, they carry the most important information such as title, author, Publisher, etc., while the covers of newspapers or magazines have printed holders, i.e. the most important titles then the person can be found in the interior.
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