What is the Meaning & Definition of Civil War

Understood as one of the most negative consequences about a society or community, the civil war can be defined as a conflict or confrontation between members of the same society, i.e., not against an external enemy. Civil wars have existed from the moment in which the man formed society since coexistence allows the emergence of various clashes or disagreements between members that can become deep and serious conflicts. Throughout human history, man has witnessed harsh wars civilians in many parts of the planet. One of the main features of the civil war is, then, the fact that it occurs between members of a society who are confronted by various issues. The reasons for the emergence of conflict between groups of a society can be very numerous and sometimes combined several issues can be found. Topics such as religion, territory, social or problematic economic hierarchies are normally, which most abound in finding reasons for such painful phenomenon.
Another important element of the civil wars is that they occur so disorganized among people who are not professionally prepared to carry out warfare, and here takes its name from 'civil' since they are civilians and not the military (although these may also participate) who carried it forward mainly. Civil wars also can occur within a city or a town, which generates much higher fatal consequences as targets innocent people are at greater risk than when a war happens in open field. The civil wars, finally, also characterized by lack of an organization or planned strategy if not that will be happening chaotically, according to results and other matters such as the possibility of armament, the will or the belicidad of those involved, etc.
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