What is the Meaning & Definition of courage

Courage is the term used to designate a type of attitude or feeling that a person can have in a situation of potential danger or fear. Courage is nothing more than the force one takes off from inside you to react in heroic or adventurous way in situations in which fear, danger, panic are present. Usually, the sense of courage is applied to a myriad of different situations and even the term can be used figuratively or metaphorically to refer to situations in which there is a real danger, but that person Yes should be dare to do something (for example, an exam).
Courage is a feeling or an attitude that only human beings can have since it implies a certain rationality about situations in which an animal would normally act by impulse or instinct. Thus, courage is understood as a force of internal will, also the decision to do something for the own good or alien in situations in which can get damaged or even loss of life. Many times, courage is the stage in which the person manages to deal with that fear generated by the situation, overcoming it and doing different actions regardless of what might happen.
Courage is a noble feeling, one of the most noble of human beings, because it involves risking own good by a particular purpose that may be or not for itself but which ultimately would always be a possible risk. On numerous occasions, courage means having to tolerate any type of pain or suffering, face it and try to get the best possible results of this specific situation. In this sense, jobs or occupations in which people rescued others (men or animals) that they are hurt or at risk always supposed to have courage because risk can also turn against oneself.
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