What is the Meaning & Definition of do

The word is a term which in our language is widely used and which is used to account for various issues. Mainly use attached to it is to indicate the implementation of some action, whether the production of something, such as an object, the generation, manufacture, creation, construction or composition, among other actions.
For instance, it is that this word will always involve an action, the movement of something and as such is opposed to everything that is an attitude of passive type or directly do anything.
Should be noted then that the term do called an activity typically beings that live, animals, humans and plants, are because only who is alive is able to do things.
And as we said at the beginning of this review, the word do you have a huge amount of applications that are added to those already listed.
When we express transformation or conversion that someone has experienced as a result of any particular action, we do so through this term. Juana became Islamist after his trip to the Middle East.
On the other hand, when someone pretends or appears to something that is not really express it through the word that we are concerned. Laura is made which does not listen to his mother to avoid punishment but actually listen to what she tells him.
Another common use we give to the term is to describe the kind of weather that takes place in a time and place and determined. Today is cold I'm going to wear the jacket.
Also, the word is used to express the passage of time between a fact. About a year ago that Laura not comes to visit.
And we can also find popular expressions containing the word such as: make one of your own (used to express that someone has acted as usual by his personality and custom), made with (lets see the domination of someone) and make someone pray (when a person does one pray and pray so that finally concrete action or activity).
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