What is the Meaning & Definition of farm

When it comes to farm, refers to the space created by man in rural areas primarily as a centre of production of agricultural goods or animal breeding. A farm can also serve as residential space for individuals who perform productive activities there, and it is for this reason that the farm has different areas. The farm is set in the countryside, on a portion of land that is previously delimited and which is put at the disposal of those who possess it to be worked, shaped and used in the production of crops or breeding and domestication of animals. The farm must therefore have an important part of its area dedicated to the production, i.e., a cultivated area in which different types of vegetables or cereals may occur. At the same time, the farm must have a space for the breeding of animals that can remain outdoors or indoors (which will usually carry the name of stables or sheds). Finally, the farm has with other buildings that may have to do with the deposit of collected products (such as silos) and with the housing of persons who work in that space.
One can classify farms according to the type of production made. While some specialize in the production of certain kinds of cereals or vegetables, there are others that are dedicated to the breeding and production of poultry food, the tambos (dedicated to the production of milk and its derivatives), etc. They can also be classified on the type of production system, being some of them farms, extensive or intensive cultivation, Rotary, organic farming, etc.
Finally, we can say that farms also vary with respect to the type of ownership of the land. While it is normal to find its owners that those who work the land and are in charge of a farm productive activities are at the same time, there are also many cases of farms that are leased to a third party in Exchange for the surrender of a part of the final production. Types of contracts established between both sides may vary in relation to the region, to the type of production, etc.
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