What is the Meaning & Definition of fitness

The term gym is used to designate those specially created spaces so that they perform in them various types of physical activity. Today, the word gym is mostly used for clubs or private sports centres in which it is necessary to pay a subscription for access to the different places of exercise. At the same time, while a gym can include various activities, usually called so to the area that has cardiovascular machines and weights such as dumbbells, dumbbells and devices of different types. The history of gymnasia starts at the time of the ancient Greece and Rome. Both civilizations were an important part of everyday life to the improvement and beautification of the bodies and so were very aware of the importance of certain crafts and activities for this purpose. The existence of public baths and hot springs are also linked with the notion of relaxation and enjoyment of places of rest.
Today, a gym has always a great variety of activities to develop. In it you can find different types of machines that seek to give shade and improve the strength of the muscles. These machines can be individual parts as weights or dumbbells, or complex systems of pulleys or movement that are specifically designed for a group of muscles of the body. At the same time, a current gym usually has an important variety of cardiovascular machines that serve mainly to maintain a good level of cardiovascular and are especially useful when it comes to losing weight or fat.
Finally, it is important to point out that all the gyms have a set of rules of behavior as well as specific setting (usually characterized by music to high volume, rather small transit spaces and devices division on Islands). Normally, prevents the entrance to gyms to minors if they are not accompanied by adults (for safety reasons) and urges at the same time attendees to have a proper personal hydration system to avoid any kind of incident.

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