What is the Meaning & Definition of gratitude

Feeling of gratitude for having received a favour or benefit

Known as gratitude to that feeling of gratitude in recognition of a favor or the receipt of a benefit, you'll experience a person when it becomes effective and present before it.
Meanwhile, it turns out to be an immediate consequence of this feeling, that this person, before that favor or benefit reception, you feel the urgent need to be mentioned in some other way. I.e. is such gratitude that will return the action with some other favor or benefit.

Report welfare

Usually feel gratitude when he is valued positively the behaviour of the other toward us, which obviously brings about a good deed or benefit. Basically, the gratitude is understood as a natural manifestation of the goodness and the good education of people, i.e. that gratitude will be common in people that are characterized by their kindness and who have been educated in accordance with the moral values and the idea of doing good and avoiding evil of course.
The other side of gratitude is ingratitude, which obviously will be regarded as an unpleasant and reprehensible behavior and which consists in the lack of appreciation and an attitude petty in life.
It is a feeling, certainly positive behavior is that it will report to the person who expresses it and practice it, and also that receives it, many welfare
This feeling as we said you can feel any person when you are presented with a situation as described is closely related to the concept of gratitude, which refers to the action and result of thank.
The action of thank you, then, involves Yes or Yes feel gratitude and will be impossible that once you feel it in his flesh he does not feel the need to apply as soon as possible that aid that was given. Gratitude can be manifested in various ways, depending on the possibilities, the size of the received favor and of course, also, of the people.
While you should certainly not interesting that it has been a boon to small or large, i.e., which required more or less effort, often and for many individuals, the gratitude and the gratitude with which will respond will be determined by this question of big or small please.

Main manifestations of gratitude

You can go from a simple verbal manifestation, telling you who helped us in certain situation, thank you for help me out of this problem, passing by a written note in which is written the gratitude and the gratitude that is felt by the help provided, or through a material gift, which can range from the simple to the more expensive According to the person and to the value that is attributed to him.
By expressed above is recommended practice of gratitude. It is an action purely social will improve significantly our sociability at all levels. Its action is also recommended by welfare mentioned produces, then practice it, without a doubt will make us feel better about ourselves. Be okay with yourself, is the key, because only feel good inside with what we are can speak out in a positive way with others.

Presence in the religions

On the other hand, the gratitude is a feeling that is present in almost all the monotheistic religions, the Christian, for example, is a feeling that is especially associated with God. When a faithful is the solution to a problem that had been plaguing him, immediately, will you draw near to God through prayer and thank you for considering it the maker of that solution. Christians come unto God by faith of course and also whenever they feel desperate or needy in his hand. Prayer is always the vehicle chosen for the order and also to express gratitude to God.
In Islam and Judaism also promotes the development of this action through prayer.

Feast of action of thanks

The American people, for example, gives it an inestimable value to the topic of gratitude and so much so that they have a day, a day to assert it, the of Thanksgiving Day, in which gather with your family and friends to express their gratitude to God. This Festival originated among the first Protestant English colonists who arrived on American soil because this way they decided to thank you for the hospitality and assistance received from the indigenous inhabitants.
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